Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Plan for the Eagles to Trade Back

Sources have reported the Eagles have already made calls about moving back, as have Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo and Miami. The Eagles however, are in the best position to move back due to one position: Left Tackle.

Most analysts have pinned Luke Joeckel to the Kansas City Chiefs at one. According to Daniel Jeremiah of NFL.com, many GMs and Personnel Directors believe Jacksonville will go offensive tackle at number two as well, likely Eric Fisher. With Oakland likely to nab a top defensive prospect at three, that leaves the Eagles on the clock.

There is one premier tackle prospect left on the board at this time, Lane Johnson. Detroit is in need of an OT with the loss of Gosder Cherilus to the Indianapolis Colts. So the Eagles spot at number four is likely the last chance for a team to snatch up one of the top three tackles.

Here are scenarios that make sense:

Arizona trades down to number four to take Oklahoma T Lane Johnson.

According to the NFL draft-pick value chart, the fourth pick is worth 1800 points. The seventh overall pick, which Arizona holds, is worth 1500. Leaving a 300 point compensation which Arizona would have to cover.
If Fisher slides to four, the Eagles'
spot looks even more enticing.

A fair trade would be the Eagles send the fourth pick to Arizona for their seventh overall pick, third-round pick, and fifth-round pick. That is 1800 from Philly and 1773.5 from Arizona, according to the NFL draft-pick value chart.

Arizona could take Lane Johnson at four and the Eagles could take Star Lotulelei at seven, who I think they really covet. But don't rule out WVU WR Tavon Austin. I'm sure Chip Kelly is salivating over a versatile play-maker like Austin.

Do I think Arizona is willing to give that up? Probably not, but maybe. It would only leave them with four picks left, is Lane Johnson worth that much more to them then Alabama OT D.J. Fluker?

San Diego trades down to number four to take Eric Fisher, who slides by Jacksonville and Oakland.

The 11th pick in the draft has a value of 1250 points. The Chargers' 2nd-round pick carries a 450 point value. That seems like a good, reasonable trade to me. San Diego would be left with five more picks remaining and a franchise LT, which they desperately need.

San Diego nabs Eric Fisher, Star Lotulelei slides down to number 11, past some teams who don't need defensive tackles, and the Eagles still get their guy.

Nobody has mentioned San Diego as a team who's trying to move up, but it makes some sense for both sides.

Miami's trade with Kansas City for LT Brandon Albert falls through, forcing them to be aggressive and move up to number four.
A fall through in the Brandon Albert
trade could be the key for Philly.

Miami is willing to give up their second-round pick to Kansas City for Brandon Albert, and also willing to meet Albert's asking price for a new contract. While all signs point to this trade coming together before Thursday's first round, you just never know.

The Dolphins have two-second round picks and two third-round picks. They have the ammunition. Their 12th pick has a 1200 point value. Here's a trade that makes sense for both teams.

Dolphins send the 12th pick, 54th pick and 82nd pick to Philadelphia for the fourth overall pick. That would leave the Dolphins with a full bucket of draft picks and provide the Eagles with an extra 2nd and 3rd, where the strength of the draft lies.

This, to me, seems like the best possibility. Miami is obviously desperate for an OT after losing Jake Long. Eagles fans need to hope Andy Reid doesn't pull the trigger on the Brandon Albert trade. Could he help out the team one last time?

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  1. Are you saying if Albert doesn't get traded to the Dolphins, the Dolphins will trade up for the eagles 4th pick?? im confused

    1. If the Dolphins-Chiefs trade falls through, then Miami might be inclined to move up in an attempt to grab a top 3 OT. They have a plethora of picks.

    2. Okay so if u could give a prediction, what would you say are the odds/chance the eagles trade away their pick?

    3. Honestly, 50/50. I think they'd like to, but I think it's going to be challenging to find a willing trade partner. It costs a lot to move up to 4.

    4. Given the Albert trade falls through

    5. I was asking because on a sportsbook there is a bet you can make if the eagles will trade their pick away. Almost getting 2/1 odds which is a lot better than 50/50. Thanks for the article man!