Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Plan On Draft Day

Howie Roseman has preached about building through the draft. That becomes more difficult when the team only has accumulated six draft picks in what's considered the deepest draft in 30 years.

The Eagles weren't able to garner serious interest for playmaking wideout DeSean Jackson. It looks like the market is lukewarm for Evan Mathis, who I don't think the front office truly wants to deal.

With two Pro Bowlers receiving minimal interest, it's hard to fathom Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry, or Bryce Brown developing a competitive market.

That being said, there are other avenues the Eagles could take to stockpile some picks. Many fans seem to love the idea of trading up for Mike Evans or Anthony Barr, but that seems pretty reckless with only six picks.

The smartest approach is trading down. While it may be unpopular, adding mid-round picks is the best move for the long haul.

Here's the famous draft pick value chart:

I'm going to show an example of five scenarios that make sense. Obviously it's purely speculative, but it makes sense for both parties.


Brandin Cooks takes a slight tumble in round one. Chip Kelly likes Cooks, but the 49ers missed out on DeSean Jackson and need a vertical threat. They make the following offer:

49ers receive: 22nd overall pick (800 points)

Eagles receive: 30th overall pick (640 points) and 94th overall pick (130 points)

Eagles are still able to grab WR Marquise Lee or CB Kyle Fuller and address OLB with their 2nd round pick.


Minnesota passes on a QB in round one, but they watch Teddy Bridgewater take a big tumble on draft day. With an extra third round pick, the team decides to move back up into round one.

Vikings receive: 22nd overall pick (800 points)

Eagles receive: 40th overall pick (520 points) and 72nd overall pick (240 points)

Minnesota gets their QB. Philadelphia, who were looking for a pass-rusher, grab Marcus Smith in round two and stock another third round pick.

With a quick run on QBs in round one, Derek Carr is lingering at 22. Jacksonville, with a plethora of mid round picks, makes a call to the Philadelphia draft room.

Jaguars receive: 22nd overall pick (800 points)

Eagles receive: 39th overall pick (530 points), 105th overall pick (90 points), 114th overall pick (72 points), and 159th overall pick (28.9 points)

This still leaves Jacksonville with a solid number of picks and they get their QB. The Eagles land a talented defensive player with the 39th pick and greatly bolster their overall total.


Jacksonville chooses not to gamble and give up picks to trade back into round one, but see Zach Mettenberger slide down to number 54 overall. They decide the value is there to make a move.

Jaguars receive: 54th overall pick (380 points)

Eagles receive: 70th overall pick (250 points), 114th overall pick (72 points), and 222nd overall pick (5.4 points)

Jags get a mid-tier QB with potential, Eagles add talented bodies on both sides of the ball. The 222nd overall pick is a luxury, allows the team to draft a coveted UDFA target (a la Bryce Brown).


Cleveland decides to address the offense with their first three picks. But see CB Bradley Roby falling towards the end of round two due to character red flags. They are looking for an upgrade to pair with shutdown corner Joe Haden. HC Mike Pettine decides to get back into round two.

Browns receive: 54th overall pick (380 points)

Eagles receive: 71st overall pick (245 points) and 106th overall pick (88 points)

Roby fills a need for Cleveland, the Eagles strengthen their draft pick total.

Obviously these are just scenarios, but it gives a really good idea of what compensation the Eagles can expect with a trade down in round one or two.

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