Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DeSean Jackson Saga: As Told By Jaccpot

DeSean Jackson apparently likes to communicate with the world via Instagram. So I created an account solely for the purpose of reading his version of the popular story through the eyes of Jaccpot. Here's some pictures he posted during the past two weeks, when the rumors began to surface.

Two weeks ago: "I love haters. Fuel to my fire. #GotMyBlindersOn"

Two weeks ago: "Me and my Cali bros in Philly. Always keep it 100." *holds up gang sign*

Two weeks ago: "I thought me and Chip was cool??? #CantTrustNobody"

Two weeks ago: "About to go work out and eat money for some reason. But first, let me take a selfie."

One week ago: "If Philly don't want me, I'll make some money elsewhere. #GettinPaper"

One week ago: "No better way to blow off some steam than throwing down some jams on an 8-foot bucket."

One week ago: "Media making me out to be some bad guy. I do good things too."

March 21st: "I can dig Seattle. Coach Carroll is cool. Weather kinda sucks up there, but the team is pretty good."

March 21st: "I've seen Marvin McNutt in person. Listen Carolina, y'all need a receiver. #Holla"

March 21st: *Inserts 32 highlight videos of himself with Vick, clearly would be open to a reuinion*

March 21st: "Oakland is terrible. But Oakland banks can cash checks too. #MoneyOnMyMind"

March 23rd: "I don't like to use K's very much when I type. Heading up to room 509, but first, let me take an elevator selfie."

15 hours ago: "Chip gonna act cool with me, then send me straight to voicemail? #Deuces"

13 hours ago: "My bad, he just had poor reception at his hotel. WE ALL GOOD BABY! BirdGaNg !!"

1 hour ago: "I'm still not fond of the letter K, but those media outlets trippin. Keep making up stories, but I'm staying in Philly. #CantHoldMeDown"

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