Saturday, September 22, 2012

Through the Eyes of the Fans

This is the start of my new weekly Saturday column. Here, I'll take a look at the predictions from the most important group in the NFL: the fans. I sent out a tweet from both of my accounts, @Matt_Chastain25 and @eaglesallday95, asking for a prediction on the anticipated game tomorrow. If you missed it this week and would like to be a part of it, keep a look out next week. Here's what the Twitter universe had to say:

@sbrennan99 - Eagles 24 over Cardinals 10
@TDubbb15 - Eagles 31 over Cardinals 14
Michael Vick knows they can't deliver
a repeat performance from last year
@joslewis - Eagles 24 over Cardinals 7
@caffienefeen - Eagles 24 over Cardinals 17
@KimmayJ - Eagles 20 over Cardinals 17
@dklausner - Eagles 24 over Cardinals 13
@Trublueiz - Eagles 24 over Cardinals 21
@shirindhaboss - Eagles 24 over Cardinals 10
@SigmaEsquire03 - Eagles 28 over Cardinals 6
@schwabbFTM - Eagles 21 over Cardinals 16
@matthoffnerd - Eagles 38 over Cardinals 0
@AdamBershad - Eagles 36 over Cardinals 10
@sh_tmycatsays - Eagles 27 over Cardinals 24
@jevygurl - Eagles 24 over Cardinals 17
@MikeMcC122 - Eagles 24 over Cardinals 17

What to Make of These Predictions:

- The Cardinals have much more respect from the Philly fanbase than they had in the preseason.
- Not many fans are expecting an offensive explosion from either side. Both defenses have been impressive thus far in the 2012 season.
- Eagles fans expect the team to bring a 3-0 record back to Philadelphia, as any die-hard fan should.

Two-point Conversion

- @dklausner had a bold prediction, he sees Damaris Johnson playing a major factor in the game-plan tomorrow. He calls for Andy and Marty to dial up #13 on quite a few plays tomorrow, predicting a TD for the undrafted rookie.
-------> I like this prediction a lot. It may have seemed lack-luster, but I was very fond of the run play last week that was called for Damaris Johnson. Like Dan was saying, he's a playmaker and they need to find a way to put the ball in his hands.

- @caffienefeen thinks the success the Eagles had against Baltimore, running a more balanced attack, will carry over into tomorrow afternoon. He expects a calmer Michael Vick and the defense the to continue its stellar play.
--------> I think every Eagles fan was relieved to see a more balance game called by Marty Mornhinweg last week. It worked well, so why switch it up?

Next week, give me some comments along with your prediction and I'll plug it in. I want to hear from the fans.

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